Jean Carlomusto

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  To Catch a Glimpse
Video, 55 minutes, 1997
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To Catch A Glimpse Doctors Liars & Women
L is for the way you Look Collective

What killed Jean Carlomusto's grandmother? An illegal abortion, a burst blood vessel, or an ectopic pregnancy? TO CATCH A GLIMPSE is an unorthodox investigative report into the death of Rocca, a 45 year old Italian immigrant. Rocca exists as an absence around which a history of Italian immigration, assimilation, and motherhood is told. Medical records, family memories, and archival film footage illustrate my reconstruction of her life. At the heart of this portrait are the recollections of her six children. They convey the pain of growing up motherless, as well as the refuge they sought in the fantasy world of the ten cent matinee.
"TO CATCH A GLIMPSE establishes the links between cinematic technology, the archive, and death, suggesting the power of the moving image, stronger even than that of the still image, to preserve familial affections" Ann Cvetkovich , author of An Archive of Feeling
Included in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, NY. Ann Cvetkovich, An Archive of Feelings